Get the Facts

It’s unfortunate that my opponent is following the partisan playbook, distracting from the real work of moving Clackamas County forward. I am proud to lead the way on housing, homelessness, rural broadband, fully funding law enforcement, and more.

CLAIM: “Paul has repeatedly reimbursed himself from his campaign coffers.”

FACT: I have not paid myself using campaign funds other than reimbursement for legitimate campaign expenses. None of these expenditures are out of the ordinary—in fact, my opponent’s own campaign finance records also show expenditures labeled “Personal Expenditure for Reimbursement” totaling in the thousands of dollars.

This is just another desperate attempt by my opponent to score political points instead of focusing on the issues affecting our communities.

CLAIM: “No on 44.7 million for housing and homeless services”

FACT: There is no case in which a $44.7 million decision was ever considered. Here is a link to a recent Commission meeting where the Board of Commissioners debunked this claim. In fact, I secured interim funding ($10 million) for Supportive Housing Services to jumpstart the programs after we realized most of the Metro Supportive Housing dollars would be a year late.

So how was the fallacy spun? During this most recent budget cycle, I voted no to the overall budget because it was structurally inadequate. The county budget contains over 20 individual department budgets; to suggest I do not support any of those individual department budgets is preposterous.

CLAIM: “No on rural broadband”

FACT: That claim is false, based on the same distorted reasoning. In fact, I led the charge on a $10 million expansion of Rural Broadband, the largest in the County’s history. We recently completed Phase 1 of our rural broadband expansion.

CLAIM: “Paul Savas votes no on public safety funding” & “No on funding for the sheriffs department”

FACT: I am endorsed by the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Association, so my opponent is really insulting their intelligence by suggesting I don’t support them. I work closely with the Sheriff’s Department, and they know I support full funding and increased funding for patrol.

In these financially challenging times, it is extremely important to make sure the budget reflects our priorities. Budgets allow us one opportunity a year to calibrate the budget to our priorities. Since 2016 the budget has had structural issues which I have been dogged on correcting. Standing up for responsible budgeting of your tax dollars should not be made political.

I am honored and humbled for the confidence and support the voters have entrusted me with over the last two decades—thank you.

FALSE CLAIM: “Paul Savas wants to outlaw abortion”

FACT: Abortion is not a County Commission issue. My opponent does not appear to understand what a county commissioner does and fails to recognize the priority issues that are impacting county residents daily.

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