As a resident of unincorporated Oak Grove, Paul understands that Clackamas County has unique communities. Paul’s vision of effective governance is to provide basic services like roads and public safety while guiding development projects that support our communities’ aspirations for the future.

Paul will continue to focus on ethics and accountability of government. He will facilitate meaningful participation of citizens in the public decision making process.

Paul’s vision for Clackamas County’s future includes:

  • A strong local economy with quality jobs
  • Safe communities
  • Transparency in government
  • Vibrant businesses that are expanding and hiring
  • Roads and highways with less congestion
  • Flourishing natural resources like pristine rivers, forests and farmland
  • Property rights protected
  • Veterans and senior citizens live securely

Paul is passionate about community participation in governance and would like to know what issues are important to you. Please call or email Paul to tell him what you care about. Paul’s cell phone number is 503-312-1379 and his email is