Colton Corner: County commissioner talks local issues (Molalla Pioneer)

Colton Corner: County commissioner talks local issues
Molalla Pioneer

Homelessness is an important issue to Savas as he helps take the homeless count each year. He mentioned the lack of housing, poverty in rural regions, zombie homes, where the uncertainty of ownership leaves them vacant, and affordable housing. He also agreed that land use issues need updates and changes.

“It seemed more like he was listening to our concerns,” CPO member Don Tremble said in a message. “It also seemed as if he was explaining the different things he was working on and the many adversities facing the county. I truly enjoyed listening to him and having him there. To be honest, I wish more of the county commissioners would make an effort to come and hear our concerns.”

Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas attended the March meeting of the Colton Planning Organization. CPO Chair Gary Hampton announced that because Savas has declared his candidacy for re-election and no other candidates were in attendance, topics of discussion needed to be held mostly to questions and answers and what county measures are in process at this time.

Savas discussed a number of subjects that are important to the rural areas of Clackamas County. Continue reading…

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