Common-sense approach (Thelma Haggenmiller)

Common-sense approach (Thelma Haggenmiller)

Common-sense approach
Lake Oswego Review

I have been a Paul Savas supporter since I first met him over 20 years ago. At that time, he was an elected official of the Oak Lodge Water District and then the Oak Lodge Sanitary District. I have watched him mature over those 20 years, but one thing has never changed — his common-sense approach to any issue he takes on.

The attention to detail that made Paul successful in his automotive business is evident in his approach to issues that daily face the County Commission position he now holds. That is the kind of person I want to see continue in that position. Paul not only thoroughly does his homework on every issue he faces, he also does it with honesty and integrity.

I sit in on most County Commission policy sessions and closely observe the five commissioners at work. I see and hear the variety of issues they face daily and observe the kind of restraints they are under in their attempts to accomplish even minor changes to the bureaucratic system they must operate within. Paul, with his common-sense approach to issues, works well with others to come up with innovative solutions to most of their major roadblocks to success.

He knows and understands the restraints that daily face an elected official. He regularly questions the soundness of issues that come before the commissioners and has managed to work to accomplish solutions to the multitude of societal problems the commissioners face daily. He is not a one-issue person, but rather approaches all problems with equal fervor.

I will be voting for Paul Savas for Clackamas County commissioner, and I urge you to join me.

Thelma Haggenmiller
Oak Grove

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