Politifact Debunks False Attack

paul-photojpg-11aaab60396aa5f6A couple of weeks ago, a mailer was circulated to some residents in Clackamas County making false claims related to a vote that I made involving $48 million of taxpayer money. The distortion of the truth and the absence of critical facts was designed to mislead the voters and attack me.

I am glad to see that Politifact recently analyzed these claims. The report states that some elements of the flyer are “inaccurate and oversimplified,” and that the attack “ignores critical facts.” Politifact ruled the claim “mostly false” and recognized that my vote actually saved Clackamas County residents from losing $20 million of the $48 million dollars in question.

I strive to make the best decisions possible on behalf of the citizens. I prefer to debate issues through open discussions based on the facts. It’s time to say “no” to these antiquated and dishonest tactics, and say no more to politics as usual.

I am proud to be running a re-election campaign that focuses on finding solutions to the problems we face in Clackamas County during these challenging times. Please join our campaign’s efforts to do what is right for Clackamas County.

– Paul

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