February Update: House District 38 Appointment & Ambulance Contract

February Update: House District 38 Appointment & Ambulance Contract 

House District 38 


On January 26th the Clackamas and Multnomah county commissioners met to appoint a replacement to the vacated seat of State Representative Chris Garrett. At Clackamas County Chair John Ludlow’s request, a vote to support Ann Lininger unanimously was fulfilled with a 10-0 vote.


Ann Lininger’s background growing up in a family that weathered the storms of small business ownership provide her a unique perspective that only business owners understand.


It comes as no surprise that prominent Clackamas County business owners such as Terry Emmert of Emmert International, Terry Aarnio of Oregon Iron Works, and Jerry Turner of Pioneer Pump contributed to Ann’s campaign for House District 38.


Ann’s responses during the interview demonstrate her understanding and commitment to small business and the need for highway projects such as the Sunrise Corridor.


Although we recognized our philosophical disagreements on issues it is important we work in the best interest of the Citizens by moving the economy forward. Political strife often creates road blocks to prosperity.


Ambulance Contract


Several articles have emerged recently regarding the ambulance contract. 

To summarize,  the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) made refinements to the RFP in early 2013 before it was advertised. Subsequently only one timely bid was received. The RFP bid submitted is the means to which a bidder must be competitive. In this current case AMR indeed submitted a bid in which their bid resulted in cost reductions, service quality improvements, innovation, etc.  Since that time we have been working cooperatively with AMR to craft the contract.  The BCC was engaged in rigorous review processes that included several work sessions.  Nationally recognized independent industry experts, locally recognized industry experts, and local fire district officials participated in the process.


In late 2013 some of my fellow commissioners expressed concerns with the contract.  Last week the board voted 3-2 to reject the contract. We have received a tort claim notice from AMR and our staff was directed to seek a one year renewal.


Due to the pending litigation we cannot discuss matters that are not currently public record. 


Other News


My commitment on financial stewardship and transparency have rendered good results. However more is needed, that work will continue and I believe there is significant room for improvement and I will share some of those ideas with you today.


My pursuits for certain financial and budgetary information and reporting have been impeded. As a County Commissioner I am troubled by that. Therefore on Thursday January 30th I called for the installation of an internal auditor independent of the County Commission and its administration. The County Treasurer is an elected official and I believe the appropriate office to install an independent internal auditor to review matters such as operational activities. The typical required annual auditing reviews bookkeeping practices,  not examination of the feasibility of operations where tax dollars are at risk. 


Another area of concern is that the audit committee that oversees the annual audit process (bookkeeping, controls, etc.) does not include any citizen members of the budget committee. This is another example where financial stewardship and transparency can create opportunities for improved oversight.


Campaign Update


The campaign for my re-election is heating up. Unfortunately misleading tactics such as the negative flyer in November (which was debunked by Politifact) continue. The flow of false information, rumor and innuendo is on the rise.


My practice has been to run a positive campaign and I base my decisions on facts.  Often there are significant tax dollars at stake. I welcome anyone to give me a call if you hear anything that sounds like nonsense. Those calls I receive as a result of misinformation lead to clarification and better understanding. It is my practice to point people to the facts, you deserve no less.  


As we know getting out good information requires volunteering and most importantly money. My campaign will require both. Donations large and small make the difference. Whether it is $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 dollars or more, every dollar counts and makes a big difference.    


You can make campaign contributions on-line using your credit card. Just go to our new and improved website at electpaulsavas.com


For more information you can email me at paul@electpaulsavas.rainporchhosting.com or call me at 503.312.1379


-Paul Savas

With your help, our vision for Clackamas County can be realized. Oregon Law allows for a political tax credit up to $50 for an individual and $100 for a couple filing taxes in Oregon.  Contact your tax advisor to see if you qualify. Online contributions can be made through my website electpaulsavas.com  

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