Guest Opinion: Blame game is old game

Clackamas Review – May 15, 2014

I for one, have done my share of putting out fires, whether it be by testifying at a commission business meeting, or sending written comments to the paper.

Having been active in Clackamas County for over 54 years, and having served in many volunteer positions, putting someone like Paul Savas down doesn’t sit well with me.

Commissioner Savas has served this county well and would like to move things forward if the rhetoric could stop.

I was at the Willamette View political forum on April 29. Those present heard of some of the Paul Savas accomplishments. He told them what he would like to see get done in the future with his colleagues on the commission.

Several contributors to this newspaper belong to the duo group (Commissioner Smith and Chair Ludlow) and write the same things over and over. Jeff Molinari needs to get beyond light rail. It’s here, and like it or not, it’s time to make lemonade out of lemons. Let’s move on with the important factors we are facing in the county.

The blame game is an old game. Paul Savas was a small business owner in this county and has been very active in promoting issues on behalf of other small businesses.

Saying that Paul Savas has “switched sides” is more than a joke, it’s ridiculous. Wondering what he was promised by switching is even a bigger joke. Obviously Mr. Molinari doesn’t know the “real” Paul Savas who works for ALL people of Clackamas County.

Since January, I’ve made it a priority to be all over the county at various functions. “My kudos to Paul Savas for the difference he’s made with his wise decisions” was said by many I talked to.

Please don’t forget to vote and re-elect the man you think so much of!

Ginny Davidson is a resident of Milwaukie. 

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