May Update: News from Friends of Paul Savas

Alert: Don’t be fooled!

Dear Friends,

With only 6 days remaining till the May 20 election we are in full campaign mode. It is time to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to vote.

I am honored to announce that I have received numerous key endorsements and the list continues to grow. The North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, Wilsonville area Chamber of Commerce, Portland Metropolitan Realtors Association just to name a few. My support base is broad and includes local residents, business organizations and elected officials. Visit my website and view the list.

A recurring theme expressed from my supporters is a desire for stable leadership, experience, and competence. The recent endorsement by the Oregonian summed it up; “The moderate incumbent has served competently, and the voters have no reason to replace him.”

My campaign is focused on the issues that are important to the future of our county. We must position the county to take advantage of the economic recovery and create a favorable environment to encourage employers to locate or expand in Clackamas County and create new jobs.

I have successfully advocated for road & highway projects that will reduce traffic congestion. I continually advocate for budget reductions and directing those savings to road maintenance. We are currently fulfilling a 2011 agreement with the public safety districts to close the Town Center urban renewal district and build the critical infrastructure of mutual concern.

If you received a negative campaign message from my opposition please contact me, I am happy to present you with the facts, most people realize these materials are loaded with false claims. Don’t be fooled!

Should you have any questions feel free to call me at 503.312.1379. If you google my name and the issue you are concerned about a news article will
often appear with factual information.

My track record of accomplishments and responsible leadership has earned the endorsements from a broad range of the political spectrum.
Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and non affiliated voters value good governance and common sense leaders that can work across party lines, and I appreciate that broad support!

My re-election will help get the county back on track with common sense leadership!

Best Regards,
Paul Savas

P.S. I need your support, Visit my website Remember to Vote for Paul Savas!
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