Local Elected Officials Respond To Clackamas County Commission Chair Ludlow’s Recent Endorsement

April 7, 2014

Today, local elected officials responded to Clackamas County Chair Ludlow’s recent endorsement of Karen Bowerman and Steve Bates. Karen Bowerman is running against current Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas in his re-election race, while Steve Bates is challenging incumbent Clackamas County Commissioner, Jim Bernard.

“I was disappointed to read Chair Ludlow’s recent endorsement of Karen Bowerman and Steve Bates,” said Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson. “Clearly, Chair Ludlow mistakes Paul Savas’ unwillingness to follow the Chair’s often misguided leadership as confusion or ineffectiveness. Ludlow’s childish temper tantrums that we’ve sadly grown accustomed to seeing in Commission meetings are now making their way into our local election, where they are filled with personal, misleading attacks against Paul. It’s unfortunate that Chair Ludlow is basing his endorsement decision on petty past disagreements, rather than sound public policy. Paul Savas is a dedicated public servant who is known for his innovative ideas and thoughtful leadership that benefit all of our communities, and he deserves our vote.

Paul Savas also addressed Chair Ludlow’s endorsement stating, “It’s unfortunate that my colleague has turned his endorsement into an attack on me rather than educating voters on where my opponent stands on the issues that matter most to our community. He has deleted and distorted the facts on recent issues, including my role in the Urban Renewal District decision, which I have been working to close since 2011. While Chair Ludlow mentions my abstentions, he failed to mention how his disorganization left the commission ill-prepared to responsibly vote on critical issues. This pattern of sandbox politics is simply inappropriate and not welcome in Clackamas County.

My constituents know where I stand. They voted for me and empowered me to take a hard look at serious issues, such as urban renewal, light rail and other controversial issues. I stand behind my votes, as do my endorsers, which range from the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce to the Professional Firefighters of Clackamas County, IAFF Local 1159.

Throughout my service to the county, I have worked to make our Commission more transparent and find solutions that work for both our rural and urban communities. I intend to continue my work to create a more effective commission that works for all of our residents.

I’m running for re-election because I want to continue investing in public safety services that keep our neighborhoods safe, create policies that help local businesses grow and create much needed jobs, and to focus on critical infrastructure and social services while spending our tax dollars wisely,” said Paul Savas.

State Representative Ann Lininger, who has endorsed Paul Savas in his re-election race, had this to say in response to the announcement, “Paul Savas is willing to work across party lines to find solutions that work for our county. He cares about funding critical social services and supports common sense solutions for our county. Our Clackamas County Commission needs leaders with integrity who will work for ALL of us. That’s why I’m supporting Paul Savas for Clackamas County Commission.”

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