Ken Cowdery, champion for helping homeless, to retire (Portland Tribune)

Ken Cowdery, champion for helping homeless, to retire (Portland Tribune)

Ken Cowdery, champion for helping homeless, to retire
Portland Tribune

Erlbaum also praises the Clackamas County Commission for its support. He is especially thankful to Commissioner Paul Savas, who took the lead in reducing costs and cutting red tape.

After 42 years working on the front line of the homeless problem, Ken Cowdery has come to a simple conclusion.

“The problem is so big and complicated that everyone has to work together to solve it — government, nonprofits and the private sector,” he says.

Cowdery plans to retire from his …

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Our region deserves a balanced approach to clean air—Paul Savas

Our region deserves a balanced approach to clean air—Paul Savas

Paul Savas writing for the Clackamas Review:

I have been testing tailpipe emissions since 1975. One aspect of my business for over 25 years was specializing in fuel efficient products that reduced emissions, and we were one of the first to register with DEQ’s vehicle emission testing program. As a business owner I made significant investments in specialized testing equipment that measured toxic emissions and CO2. Having expertise in auto and truck emission systems not only resulted in compliance with emissions standards, but we also strived …

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Savas parries threat from the right

Savas parries threat from the right

Clackamas Review – May 20, 2014

Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas, a moderately conservative member of the board, was able to overcome criticisms that he hasn’t been seeing eye-to-eye enough with Chairman John Ludlow and Commissioner Tootie Smith in a defamation campaign that culminated this month in Lake Oswego Councilor Karen Bowerman’s attempt to unseat him.

“I’m certainly pleased that it’s over so I can again focus fully on initiatives for the county,” Savas said while celebrating the election results at High Rocks Restaurant in Gladstone. “People …

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Letter to the Editor: Commissioner Savas deserves our vote

Letter to the Editor: Commissioner Savas deserves our vote

Lake Oswego Review – May 15, 2014
Commissioner Savas deserves our vote

I’m voting for Paul Savas, Clackamas County Commissioner. Here’s why you should, too.

Paul ran a successful small business in Oak Grove for more than 20 years. He brings that practical business experience to the commission.

Paul worked on Oak Grove water and sewer boards for years, and saved ratepayers millions of dollars. He learned how things work in Clackamas County from the ground up.

Paul’s mission is to fix problems. He is not captive to any rigid …

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Guest Opinion: Blame game is old game

Clackamas Review – May 15, 2014

I for one, have done my share of putting out fires, whether it be by testifying at a commission business meeting, or sending written comments to the paper.

Having been active in Clackamas County for over 54 years, and having served in many volunteer positions, putting someone like Paul Savas down doesn’t sit well with me.

Commissioner Savas has served this county well and would like to move things forward if the rhetoric could stop.

I was at the Willamette View political forum …

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May Update: News from Friends of Paul Savas

Alert: Don’t be fooled!

Dear Friends,

With only 6 days remaining till the May 20 election we are in full campaign mode. It is time to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to vote.

I am honored to announce that I have received numerous key endorsements and the list continues to grow. The North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, Wilsonville area Chamber of Commerce, Portland Metropolitan Realtors Association just to name a few. My support base is broad and includes local residents, business organizations and elected officials. Visit my website and view …

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Letter to the Editor: Savas is a voice of reason

Oregon City News – April 30, 2014

Savas is a Voice of Reason

I urge all Clackamas County voters to re-elect Paul Savas and Jim Bernard as county commissioners….

Paul Savas is a voice of reason, fairness, and has a vision for the future of Clackamas County. Paul diligently studies and researches the issues facing the county and makes fiscally sound decisions that benefit all of Clackamas County.

Jim is a strong advocate for Clackamas County job creation and economic growth. We need both …

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Letters to the Editor: Honest commitment to good governance

Clackamas Review – April 23rd, 2014

Honest commitment to good governance

I write in support of two candidates to the Clackamas County Commission, Jim Bernard and Paul Savas. Both men have demonstrated the qualities necessary to effectively govern our county.

They come from different parties but work together for the common good. They offer a business background, concern for people, jobs, and the environment, can disagree without being disagreeable and negotiate and compromise in good faith. They are not ideologues, but citizen representatives.

When the Clackamas River Water Board …

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April Campaign Update

Dear Friends,

All signs indicate the campaign is in full swing. Signs big and small are going up around the county and yard signs are now available to you upon request.

Saturday we will be at the Bomber Restaurant between 2-3 pm handing out signs. Stop by and say hello. (13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd in Milwaukie)

I am proud to announce that I have received numerous key endorsements and the list is growing. Many business organizations and elected officials around the county have endorsed me. Visit my website …

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Letters to the Editor: Savas Best for Our County

Clackamas Review- April 16th, 2014

Best for county

I admire Paul Savas. Why? I was an electrical-engineering graduate from Oregon State University and a registered professional engineer for the state of Oregon. In engineering you look at the problem, gather the facts, evaluate them and make an informed decision. This is not an immediate procedure and should take some thought time.

This is exactly what Paul Savas does. He thinks about the problem and evaluates it. We need that type of person in our Clackamas County Commission.

His …

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