Letter to the Editor: Savas is exactly who we want

The Oregonian – April 12th 2014

I was nauseated to read about Clackamas County Chairman John Ludlow’s recent perversion of Commissioner Paul Savas’ record (“Campaign contention,” Editorial, April 8). The people deserve governance that conveys honesty and integrity — neither of which were represented in Ludlow’s vile comments.

Clackamas County politics “It’s just politics” is not an acceptable response to such behavior. We should never excuse misleading attempts to erode someone’s reputable character by someone in pursuit of power.

Paul Savas has earned a reputation for being an …

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Paul Savas and for Clackamas commission: Editorial endorsement

The Oregonian – April 10, 2014

It’s difficult not to focus on the theatrics that have accompanied this spring’s Clackamas County Board of Commissioners races. Chair John Ludlow recently gave the back of his hand to incumbents Paul Savas and Jim Bernard, who are seeking re-election. Bernard’s campaign sent out a fund-raising letter that erroneously ties the opposition to the Koch brothers bogey-man (he has since said, “oops”).

And then there’s that billboard, bought on behalf of challengers Karen Bowerman and Stephen Bates, that uses …

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Local Elected Officials Respond To Clackamas County Commission Chair Ludlow’s Recent Endorsement

April 7, 2014

Today, local elected officials responded to Clackamas County Chair Ludlow’s recent endorsement of Karen Bowerman and Steve Bates. Karen Bowerman is running against current Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas in his re-election race, while Steve Bates is challenging incumbent Clackamas County Commissioner, Jim Bernard.

“I was disappointed to read Chair Ludlow’s recent endorsement of Karen Bowerman and Steve Bates,” said Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson. “Clearly, Chair Ludlow mistakes Paul Savas’ unwillingness to follow the Chair’s often misguided leadership as confusion or …

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Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Savas

Clackamas Review- April 3, 2014

Once again we would like to thank County Commissioner Paul Savas for his outstanding work for the citizens of Clackamas County.

Just about one year ago, several concerned citizens of Clackamas County signed a thank you honoring him. Commissioner Savas was presented a plaque for his offfice by Shirley Soderberg one of those concerned citizens. Commissioner Savas serves all people equally in Clackamas County, and that’s why he is so respected. Because of all this, it is vitally important to keep this …

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Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce Endorses Paul Savas for Re-Election

Paul Savas has a long history of service to Clackamas County.  As a business
owner, he is keenly aware of the need for a business-friendly environment
and sound economic policies. He has worked aggressively the past four years
on the commission to improve the business climate of the county and has been
a strong voice in support of policies that has spurred economic activity in
the private sector.  Commissioner Savas co-chairs the Clackamas County
Coordinating Committee, which is a collaborative body of local governments
that helps coordinate transportation and land-use issues in …

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Campaign Yard Signs Available

Paul Savas for County Commissioner Yard & Field Signs are now available

If you would like to request a yard sign or field signs please contact Jon Kloor at 503-333-8830 or         jrkloor@yahoo.com

Yard signs are also available for pick up at the Clackamas County Republican Party office located at 612 Molalla Ave Oregon City, OR 97045

Please call ahead for hours and availability:  (503) 974-4671



Send SMS
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You’ll …

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Letter to the editor: Savas understands our community, values

Lake Oswego Review – March 6, 2014

Commissioner Paul Savas is one of us.

He has been involved in our community for the past 25 years. This has given him an in-depth understanding of the issues that matter most to the people of Clackamas County. Paul has raised his family here and realizes the importance of enhancing public safety to keep our loved ones and all communities safe.

As a business owner, he is keenly aware of the need for a business-friendly environment and sound economic policies. They …

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March Update

Why Distort & Delete the Facts?

Dear Friends,


Once again the opposition is sending out misleading information regarding the Clackamas County Commissions role in the CRC in early 2013. You deserve to know the full story, so in respect of your time I highlighted  some key points in red.


I submitted the following letter to …

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Clackamas County commissioners oppose land use ‘grand bargain’

The Oregonian – February 25, 2014

The Clackamas County commissioners oppose an amendment to the land use “grand bargain” that is expected to move quickly through the Oregon Legislature this week.

The commissioners think the amendment to House Bill 4078 favors Washington County at the expense of Clackamas County, and legislators should wait until the 2015 session before making any decisions.

Political reporter Christian Gaston explains the amendment in his story on the amendment:

Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, is crafting an amendment to House Bill 4078 that would clear …

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Savas takes on inequalities across local park system

Portland Tribune – February 12, 2014

Most children who live in Milwaukie or Happy Valley have their choice of walking to at least two parks, but a couple of the poorer areas of unincorporated North Clackamas County lack neighborhood parks within a half mile.

County officials have long recognized the need for 3-4 acre parks in Jennings Lodge and Southgate especially, two areas with the lowest average incomes in the region, as well as in many other parts of the North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District. However, …

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